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Prognoz’s comprehensive ExpressJS Online Courselasses will teach you ExpressJS framework concepts. It covers the basics of ExpressJS Modules, Route Configuration, Middleware, Template Engines, ExpressJS with MySQL, Cookies, Sessions, RESTful APIs, Scaffolding, Error Handling etc. This ExpressJS course will give you hands-on experience and prepare you for an exciting career as a professional Web / Full Stack Developer.

About This Course

This course aims to teach everyone the basics of ExpressJS framework concepts. It covers the basics of ExpressJS Modules, Route Configuration, Middleware, Template Engines, ExpressJS with MySQL, Cookies, Sessions, RESTful APIs, Scaffolding, Error Handling etc. After completing this course, a student will be ready to take more advanced ExpressJS framework concepts.

  • Course Content Prepared by Industry Experts

  • 3 Instructor-led practical assignments based live classes

  • A smooth learning transition from basic to advanced Express Concepts

  • 3 hours of on-demand videos, Topics, Reference Reading Material, knowledge check practice tests

  • 1 final quiz

Modules Covered

Our ExpressJS Course covers most sought after modules to learn about Express framework.

Intro. to ExpressJS

Configure Routes


Template Engines

Static Files

Form Data

ExpressJS with MySQL

Cookies & Sessions




Error Handling

Course Price

Value for money

What you get

  • On-Demand Learning Resources

    High-quality recorded short videos, reading materials, assignments, practice tests and quizzes.

  • 3 Live Classes - Practical Assignment based Live Classes

    Go through modules in self-learning mode and come prepared with your doubts in live class. Instructor will solve practical assignments, clear all your doubts.

  • Course Completion Certificate

  • Life Time Access

  • Dedicated Support

  • Track Your Progress

ExpressJS Course Curriculum


Anyone interested in learning Website Development, Enterprise Web Development will benefit from this ExpressJS Course. This course also is well-suited for:

  • Software developers
  • Web Developers
  • Technical leads
  • Architects

Course Content

  • What is ExpressJS
  • Advantages of ExpressJS
  • Install Express 
  • Configure Routes
  • Working with Express 
  • Display Hello World using ExpressJS
  • HTTP Methods
  • URL Building
  • What is Middleware
  • Third Party Middleware 
  • Why Template Engine 
  • What is EJS
  • What is HBS
  • What is Jade
  • What is Vash
  • What is PUG
  • Static Files  
  • Form Data 
  • Cookies
  • Sessions
  • Authentication
  • Scaffolding
  • Error Handling
  • Final Quiz – NodeJS

Why Learn ExpressJS From Prognoz

We don't just sell online courses to our student, our aim is to provide 360-degree care for our students.

Lifetime access

Course access for life time, Free access to future updates, Unlmited access to course content

Extensive Support System

Dedicated Help desk system, Email Support, Phone Support

Hands-on case study based learning

We love practical project based learning and our ExpressJS course make you learn the same way.

Industry recognized Course content

Our ExpressJS Course is designed by Industry experts so you stay relevant in the market.

We value our Students
Let's Hear from them

I had a great learning experience in Prognoz Technologies Pvt Ltd. I was taught from basics to level 100 in my Full stack Developer Course and the class timings was very flexible. I received a lot of support from Teachers. I enjoyed my time learning here.
Raj Maiti
I have completed Full Stack Developer online course from Prognoz. Trainer was well proficient in teaching web technologies. Prognoz has good and cooperative staff for training and placement. Got placed in a very good company.
Thank you, Prognoz.
Sanchita Berde

Learning through Prognoz was a very enjoying and life changing experience for me. I would like to thank all the Prognoz staff members for bringing my career back into track. After completing my graduation in EXTC field it was very hard for me to start my career in IT industry but Prognoz made it very easy for me.

Bhupesh Jain

Bring your Career on the right track!

Application Scale-Up

ExpressJS handles user requests and responses efficiently and requires little to no extra configuration when developing a large-scale web applications and has proven to be very scalable over the years.

Highly Popular

Express is a powerful and widely used web application framework. It is maintained by a dedicated team of developers and has a large community of users who continue to use it for building web applications. It offers rapid application development and eases the stress of mastering the many different parts of a larger framework.

Become Full Stack Developer

With ExpressJS, one can build RESTful APIs with NodeJS. Along with other frameworks like Node.js, Angular, and more, you can start working as a Full Stack Developer, a role in very high demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Course

This is a Hybrid Learning Course which includes an effective combination of Self-Learning with high quality content and Instructor-led Practical Assignment based Live Classes. You can clear all your doubts with instructor in live class.

Our focus is to make you understand the concepts clear and memorable hence our ReactJS course will provide you high-quality recorded videos, reading material, assignments, practice tests and a final quiz. This will ensure to have different means of learning and validating what you have learned.

In addition you will also attend Instructor-led Practical Assignment based Live Classes.

Yes, Our ExpressJS Programming course is designed by Industry experts. Course will not only build your foundation ExpressJS concepts, it also covers advanced ExpressJS topics to make you Industry ready. Please check Course Content section for details of topics covered.

Prognoz Technologies is providing Industry oriented professional IT courses since 10+ years. Our aim is to provide practical hands-on knowledge, be assured that this ExpressJS Programming Course will provide you a hands-on practical learning experience during instructor led live sessions. 

If you find it difficult to understand, you can clear your doubts with the instructor during live classes. This will help you to clarify your doubts or understand the topics better. 

If you are a working professional, apply the concepts that you have learned in this course, into your day to day work. If you are someone looking for job, we have a placement assistance program which can help you secure high paying ExpressJS Developer job. Contact your personal counselor at Prognoz to know more about our placement assistance program.

Yes, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate if you meet all the criteria of our course completion. The certificate will be available in your My Achievement dashboard for download or on your course page.

Yes, If you have paid all course fees you will have life-time access to this course. 

About Payment

Our standard payment plans are One Time payment and Subscription based payments. The applicable payment options for a particular course are given in the pricing section. 

In One-time payment option you pay course fee only at the time of course purchase. 

In Subscription payment option, you pay first month course fee at the time of course purchase. The remaining course fee needs to be paid in the subsequent months as per the plan you choose.

If you opt for 2 Months Subscription or 3 Months Subscription, you need to pay the remaining course fee manually in subsequent months. Please visit your My Account -> Subscription section to pay the subscription payment.

If you don’t pay your subsequent months subscription payment after course purchase, your course content access would be revoked and you will not be able to access the course content.

If you have purchased Live Sessions on Practicals and Doubt Clearing and/or Placement Assistance and, these will also get revoked even if you have paid fully for this/these but fail to pay subsequent month subscription for the original course.

We have a refund policy which entitles you to get refund in case our course doesn’t meet your requirement or any other circumstance. We can provide you refund within 24 hours of course purchase after deducting administrative fees. Please note that no refund can be provided after 24 hour has passed from course purchase. For more details, visit our Refund Policy.

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