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Prognoz’s comprehensive Java Developer Online Course will teach you about Application Development using Core Java, JSP, Servlets, Hibernate & Spring Programming languages and frameworks and web programming languages (HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, BS). The objective of this course is to provide you with all necessary skills to become a java developer. Since this is a Job Oriented Course, it includes Instructor Led Live Sessions and 100% Placement and thus along with end-to-end java application development skills, aptitude and interview facing skill courses are also included to enhance your chances in succeeding in Job Interviews.

About This Course

The course inclusions and respective content are prepared by industry experts. This well validated course aims to provide all necessary skills to become a Java Developer.

It includes Core Java, JSP, Servlets, Hibernate & Spring Programming languages and frameworks, Web Technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap for front end development and Oracle as the Database. To top it all, students also get hands-on experience on developing real-life Java based applications.

To make the students succeed in job interviews, courses on Quantitative & Reasoning Aptitude and Interview Facing Skills are also added.

High Level Course Content

Our Java Developer Course covers the sub courses - Programming Fundamentals, Core Java, Advance Java (JSP, Servlets), Hiberante, Spring, Web Services, Web Programming, Oracle Database, Quantitative & Reasoning Aptitude, Communication & Interview Facing Skills. All these courses together provide all the necessary skills for becoming employable as a Java developer in IT industry.

C/C++ Primer

  • C/C++ Overview
  • Data Types
  • Functions
  • Conditional Statements
  • Iteration
  • Arrays & Strings
  • Structures, Pointer, Functions 
  • OOP using C++
  • Constructor & Destructor

and more …….

Core Java

  • Class, Object, Constructor
  • OOPs Properties
  • Packages and Modifiers
  • Arrays & Strings
  • Boxing & Unboxing
  • File & Exception Handling
  • Collection & Generics
  • Thread & Multi Thread
  • JDBC & its Features 

and more …….

Advance Java

  • Getting Started with Web Application
  • MVC Architecture
  • Deployment Descriptors
  • Deployment of Servlet
  • Working with Session & Cookies 
  • Inter Servlet Communication
  • Working with Servlet Filters
  • Working with Custom Tags     

and more ……….


  • Introduction to Hibernate
  • Hibernate Query Language
  • Object Relational Mapping
  • Association, Collection Mapping
  • Integration with J2EE


  • Spring With DI
  • Spring With JDBC
  • Spring With DAO
  • Spring With MVC
  • Spring With AOP

Web Services

  • Web Service Components
  • SOAP Web Service
  • RESTful Web Service
  • SOAP vs REST
  • Building RESTful Web Services

Web Programming

  • HTML/HTML 5, HTML Sections
  • HTML Forms, HTML Embed
  • CSS, CSS Color 
  • CSS Border, CSS NavBar
  • JavaScript, JavaScript Loops 
  • Form Validation, JQuery Basics
  • Bootstrap, Jumbotron
  • Carousal
  • Icon & Flex   

Oracle Database

  • RDBMS Overview
  • Normalization
  • DDL, DML, 
  • Aggregate Function
  • Order By, Group By
  • Having Clause, SQL Transactions
  • Join & Sub Query
  • View, Index
  • Stored Procedure, Triggers

Real Life Projects

  • Project No. 1 on Core Java
  • Project No. 2 on Advanced Java
  • Mini Project on Hibernate & Spring


  • Percentage, Profit & Loss
  • Time, Distance & Speed
  • Trains, Boat & Stream
  • Ratios, Average, Alligation
  • Perm. & Comb., Probability
  • Time & Work, Ages, Clock
  • Calendar, Relation, Direction
  • Arith. Reasoning, Analogies
  • Venn Dgms., Syllogism  

Interview Facing Skills

  • Verbal Communication
  • Non Verbal Communication
  • SWOT
  • Resume Preparation
  • Email Communication
  • Personal Interview – Do’s & Don’ts, Likely Questions, Common Mistakes 
  • Mock Interviews

Why Java Developer Course From Prognoz

We don't just sell online courses to our student, our aim is to provide 360-degree care for our students with a focus on making them employable.

Hands-on Project based learning

We love practical project based learning and our Java Developer course makes you learn the same way.

Industry recognized Course content

Our Java Developer course is designed by Industry experts so you stay relevant in the market.

Dedicated Placement Team

Dedicated Placement Team to get you employed in your dream company.

Lifetime access

Course access for life time, Free access to future updates, Unlmited access to course content

Extensive Support System

Dedicated Help desk system, Email Support, Phone Support

Java Developer Course Certificate

For Prognoz’s Java Developer Course Completion Certificate, you must ensure the following:
  • Completely participate in this Java Developer Course
  • Complete all practice tests and quizzes provided in the course
  • You must attend 85% of all Instructor Led Live Classes 

We value our Students
Let's Hear from them

Joining Prognoz proved to be very good decision for my career. After completion of my BE in computers I joined Prognoz for getting knowledge in Java technology & for enhancement of technical skills. I almost cleared all the concepts related to Java technology in Prognoz & also got good knowledge of programming.
Apart from Technical skills I also gained excellent knowledge of Aptitude & Soft skills which proved to be more helpful in clearing interviews. Faculties here are really supportive & highly qualified.
Shrawni Tambe
Prognoz is good institute. I learnt lot of things here. They gave me training on aptitude and soft skills which were very helpful to built my confidence and improve my English. I got lot of deep knowledge about java, which cleared my basic concepts of java and two projects experience taught me lot of things about java. MOCK interview was really very helpful to practice interviews and all Prognoz staff and teachers were very cooperative. Prognoz keep their promise about 100% placements and send us for interviews until we did not get the job.
Siddhi Jadhav
I have done my JAVA Training form Prognoz Technologies. Their trainers are well educated and they have very good knowledge about all the concepts . When I joined prognoz that time i did not have even basic knowledge about java . But faculty helped me to clear all my concepts and I got placed before completion of course . The another thing about prognoz is they also help by providing training of soft skills and aptitude which helps you to crack interviews.
Thank you prognoz.
Pritesh Patil

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Java follows the ‘write once and run anywhere’ principle and can be used for programming applications using different platforms. It has various features such as data binding, platform-independent characteristics, dynamic coding, and multiple security features, making it a versatile programming language.

Job Opportunities

Java development is a highly lucrative career. With Java proficiency, you can expect great job opportunities, salary packages, and job satisfaction. Additionally, with experience and credentials, you can progress to higher-paying roles and job opportunities.

Future Proof

Java is one of the most popular programming languages used on over 3 billion devices. It has applications in the cloud and AI sectors, so the possibilities are comprehensive and future-proof. Therefore, the future of Java programmers is shaping up very positively, giving them real chances for stable and well-paid employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Course

Yes, This is an online Job Oriented Course which includes Instructor Led Live Classes and 100% Placement assistance along with Self Learning. The Instructor Led Live classes are well supported by Project, Assignments, Practice Sessions, Practice Tests, Quizzes, Mock Interviews, Online Support and also complementary high quality content in form of conceptual short videos, textual materials and videos of all Instructor Led Live classes. 

Our focus is to make you make you industry ready as in-demand java developer and hence our Java Developer course provides you live classes delivered by highly competent faculties, practice and doubt clearing sessions, developing real life projects, assignments, practice tests, quizzes, mock interviews, 100% placement assistance and complementary high quality conceptual short videos, reading materials and videos of all Instructor Led Live classes. This will ensure to have different means of learning and validating what you have learned.

Yes, Java Developer course is designed by Industry experts. Course does not only build  expertise in basic and advanced Java Programming and its in-demand Frameworks along with real-life Projects, but it also covers database (Oracle), front end (Web Programming Languages) and makes you Industry ready as Java Developer. Please check Course Content section for details of topics covered.

Prognoz Technologies is providing Industry oriented professional Software Development courses since 10+ years. Our aim is to provide practical hands-on knowledge, be assured that this Java Developer Course will provide you a hands-on practical learning experience.

If you find it difficult to understand the concepts, you can ask the instructor in the class itself. We have the experience of encountering this issue in online delivery of classes and to resolve this we have a well validated and successful system through which you are in touch with your faculty 24/7 and can ask for any clarification. 

No, Instructor-led Live Classes and 100% Placement Assistance is included in this job oriented course. However, if you do not want Placement Assistance, you may send us an enquiry for more information on this.

NO, Placement Assistance service is available for India only. However, this course can also be taken up without Placement Assistance. For more information Please send us your Enquiry.

After completing the course, we will provide you job interviews and get you placed in a reputed company in India.

Yes, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate If you meet all the criteria of our course completion. The certificate will be available in your My Achievement dashboard for download or on your course page.

Yes, If you have paid the complete course fees, you will have life-time access to this course. 

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