Automation Testing Training with Placement

COURSE FEE: 30,000.00 excl. GST

Become a Software Automation Tester

  • Master Softwate-Testing Concepts with Tools like JIRA
  • Master Automation Testing with Selenium & Selenium WebDriver
  • Expert-led online live classes
  • Aptitude and Interview Preparation
  • 100% Placement Assurance through Unlimited Interview Calls
  • Tentative Salary Range – 2.4 LPA – 5 LPA (Depends on Company & Market Condition)

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About Course

Our Software Automation Testing Course covers the following module courses. All these courses together provide all the necessary skills to become job-ready as an Automation Tester in the IT industry.

  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing With Selenium
  • Real Projects
  • Quantitative & Reasoning Aptitude
  • Communication & Interview Skills

High-Level Course Content

Manual Testing

  • Software Testing Lifecycle, Test Metrics, Levels of Testing
  • Test Design, Test Execution, Defect Management
  • Testing Types, Performance Testing, Web Application Testing, QA & QC

JIRA Defect Management

  • Creating Projects, Defect/Issue Management, Defect Template,
  • Logging Defects, Defect Life Cycle, Searching Defects, Attaching Files & Screenshots

MySQL Database

  • RDBMS Basics, Normalization, Data Definition Language (DDL), Data Manipulation Language
  • Constraints, Subquery, Data Query Language (DQL), Join, View, Stored Procedure, Trigger, Cursor

Java for Testing

  • Java Concepts, Java Data Types, Conditional Statements
  • String Data Type & Functions, Command Line Parameters, Working with Class, Objects and Constructors
  • OOPs Properties, Exception Handling, JDBC API

Automation Testing (Selenium)

  • Open Source Testing Automation, Intro to Selenium, Selenium Components
  • Locators in Selenium, Selenium Action Commands, Verification & Assertion Commands
  • Creation of Test Suite, Debugging of IDE Script

Automation Testing (Selenium WebDriver)

  • Overview of Selenium WebDriver, Browser-Specific Drivers, WebDriver Package
  • Exporting Pre-Recorded Scenario in IDE to WebDriver, WebDriver Class Files
  • Automating Different TML Text Fields, Verification & Assertions

Security Testing

  • Security Testing Process, Malicious Software, HTTP & HTTPS Protocol Basics
  • Encoding and Decoding, Cryptography, Cookies
  • Hacking Web Application, Hands-on Security Tool


  • Percentage, Profit & Loss, Time, Distance & Speed, Trains, Boat & Stream
  • Ratios, Average, Alligation, Perm. & Comb., Probability, Time & Work, Ages, Clock
  • Calendar, Relation, Direction, Arith. Reasoning, Analogies, Venn Dgms., Syllogism

Interview Facing Skills

  • Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Email Communication
  • SWOT Analysis, Resume Preparation
  • Personal Interview – Do’s & Don’ts, Likely Questions, Common Mistakes, Mock Interviews

So what are you waiting for, Enroll today and become a Software Automation Tester!

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Automation Testing Training with Placement
COURSE FEE: 30,000.00 excl. GST
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