10 Online Live Sessions – Python Programming

3,500.00 excl. GST

The Instructor-led online live session facilitates a live online session for a group of learners. It provides you with real-time access to the instructor for better topic understanding, doubt clearing, feedback, and an open discussion.

  • Number of Sessions: 10
  • Book your seat, Attend Session and Revise through session recording replay
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Advantages of Instructor-led sessions:

  • Instructors are able to leverage learner questions to ensure they are retaining information. Learners have access to their instructors for immediate feedback. There’s value in having instructors and students face-to-face to read facial expressions and body language.
  • By providing an environment for a group of people to learn together, we give them the opportunity to interact, build relationships, and grow as a team.
  • When our learners are sitting in their live sessions, they can be engaged with hands-on activities, open dialogue, and interactions with the instructor and other learners.
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