Python Programming

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  • 18 Hours of On-Demand Videos
  • 37 Lessons, 85 Topics
  • 9 Assignments, 4 Practice Tests, 1 Quiz
  • Course Completion Certificate
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  • Setting Started with Python – Python Installation, Python History and Features
  • Python Programming Basics – Syntax, Variables, Data Types, Operators, Practical Examples, Python Conditional Statements (if-else) with Practicals, Python Loops
  • Python Data Structures – Data Structure Concept, Linear and Binary Search, Sorting, Removing Duplicates and Counting Occurrences, Strings, Update Strings and Slicing, Tuples, Lists, Sets, Frozen Set, Dictionary, Generator, Comprehension, Functions, Function Arguments, Lambda Function
  • Python Object Oriented Programming – Introduction, Class and Object, Constructor and Destructor, Static and Non-Static, Inheritance
  • Python Modules & Packages – Modules & packages, Concept of Main
  • Python Exception Handling – Exception Handling, User Defined Exceptions
  • Working with Files in Python – File I/O, Access Mode for File Reading, Opening and Closing of File, Offset Setting in a File, Pickle Module
  • Regular Expressions in Python – What is Regular Expression, RegEx Identifier, Modifiers, White Spaces, Regular Expression Syntax, RegEx Examples, Regular Expression Methods, Using re.findall for Text, Python Flags, Search & Replace
  • Multithreading in Python – Multithreading, Multithread Synchronization (with Practical), Daemon Thread
  • Database Connectivity in Python – Python with MySQL Connectivity
  • XML Programming in Python – Introduction, Parse XML using – re Pattern, DOM Parser, ElementTree, SAX Parse, JSON Basics and Syntax


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