Web Programming

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  •  13 Hrs. 30 Min. of on-Demand Videos
  • 28 Lessons, 58 Topics
  • 4 Assignments, 5 Practice Tests, 1 Quiz
  • Course Completion Certificate
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  • Life Time Access



  • HTML Basics – Introduction, Document Element and Metadata, Section (Body, nav, H1 to H6, hgroup, header & footer)
  • HTML Grouping Content – P and HR Element, PRE, OL, UL, LI Elements, DL, DT, DD, DIV Elements
  • HTML Text-Level Semantics – B, I, U Elements, BR, Strong, A Elements, SPAN, EM Elements
  • HTML Embedded Content – IMG, IFRAME Elements, EMBED, VIDEO, AUDIO Elements
  • HTML Tabular Elements – Table data
  • HTML Form – Form Elements, Form Input Tag, Select, Option, Data List, Optgroup, Fieldset Elements, label Element, Textarea, Output, Button Element


  • Introduction – Basics, CSS Selector, CSS Color Background
  • Border – CSS Border with Practical, Margin, Padding, Height, Width, Box Model, Outline
  • Position & Display – CSS Display & Position
  • Font and Navbar – Font, Navigation Bar, Practicals
  • Effects – CSS Gradients, Shadows, Text Effects, 2D/3D Transforms, Styling Images


  • JavaScript Basics – Introduction, Constant, Datatypes, Functions, Expressions, Comments, Identifiers
  • JavaScript Conditions – Conditional Statements, Looping, String Object, String Methods
  • JavaScript (Others)- JavaScript Object, Array, Date Object, BOM, Form Validation


  • jQuery – Basics, CSS Selector, Events, Slide, Fade Animate Effect


  • Bootstrap – Introduction, Table & Image, Jumbotron, Color & Button, Nav & Navigation Bar, Forms & Form Validation, Icons & Flex, Modal & Pagination, Carousal, Alerts & Media Objects


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