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  • 16 Hours of On-Demand Videos
  • 9 Lessons, 40 Topics
  • 3 Practice Tests, 1 Quiz
  • Course Completion Certificate
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  • Life Time Access


  • Introduction to ES6 – Features, let & const Keywords, Arrow Functions, Template Literal, Object & Array Destructing, Default Parameters, Classes, Rest Parameter & Spread Operator, Object Literal Enhancement, Promises, Modules, TypeScript
  • Introduction to Angular – Features, Architecture Overview, Angular Environment Setup, Creating Angular Project, Angular Application Structure
  • Basics of Angular – Modules, Decorators
  • Angular Components – Components, Component & Module Architecture, Component Example
  • Angular Routing – Routing, Components of Angular Router, Configure Angular Router, Angular Routing Practical
  • Directives – Angular Directives, ngFor Directive, nglf Directive, ngSwitch Directive, ngStyle Directive, ngClass Directive, Custom Directives Practical
  • Angular Services – Services in Angular
  • Angular Dependency Injection – Dependency Injection with Practical
  • HttpClient & Observable – Angular HttpClient, Angular Observable, Practical
  • Data Bindings in Angular – Data Binding, Property Binding, Attribute Binding, Events Binding, Container & Nested Component, Angular Input Properties, Angular Output Properties
  • Template Driven Forms – Angular Forms, Angular Template Driven Forms – Practical
  • Reactive Form – Angular Reactive Form & Practical
  • JSON File Read – Angular JSON File Reader
  • Pipes in Angular – Angular Pipes with Practical
  • Angular CRUD with Mock Server – Mock JSON Server, Read Data from JSON File, Insert-Update-Delete Operations with JSON File, Pagination with Data Grid
  • Angular with MongoDB – ExpressJS API Services with MongoDB, Select-Insert-Update-Delete Operations
  • Angular with MySQL – Backend Config, MySQL Model, Controller with Create, FindAll Operation, FindOne Operation, Update Operation, Delete Operation, DeleteAll Operation, Published Operation, Routing Module, Server Configuration, Insert-Update-Delete-Read Operations


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