C/C++ Programming Basic

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  • 7 hrs, 30 mins on-demand videos
  • 9 Lessons, 19 Topics
  • 3 Practice Tests
  • 1 Quiz
  • Life Time Access

Note: This free online course does not include a certificate. However, you can obtain a Course Completion Certificate for Rs. 299 after successfully completing the course.



  • Introduction to C – C Programming Basics
  • Decision Making in C – Decision Making & If-Statement, If-else & Nested If Statement, Switch Case Statement
  • C/C++ Practice Test 1
  • Loops in C – Introduction to Loops in C, Do While Loop in C, For Loop & Nested Loop in C, Loop Control in C
  • Array & String – Array Basics in  C, Two-Dimensional Array in C
  • C/C++ Practice Test 2 
  • String in C- String Basics in C, String Handling Function in C
  • Function & Structures – Function in C, Structures in C
  • Pointers – Pointer in C
  • Object Oriented Programming – OOPs with C++
  • C/C++ Practice Test 3


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