React JS

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  • 6+ Hours of On-Demand Videos
  • 17 Lessons, 86 Topics
  • 10 Assignments, 3 Practice Tests, 1 Quiz
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  • Introduction to React – What is React, Why React, React History
  • Features of React – JSX, Virtual DOM, Component in React
  • Advanced JavaScript – JSON, Map, Filter, Reduce, Ternary Operators, Arrow Functions
  • Project Setup – Setting up a ReactJS Project
  • Component – Types of Component, Class Component, State in React, Props in React, State vs Props, Component Life Cycle, Mounting, Constructor, getDerivedStateFromProp, Render, componentDidMount, shouldComponentUpdate, getSnapShotBeforeUpdate (with example), componentDidUpdate (with example), componentWillUnmount (with example)
  • Hooks – useState, useEffect
  • Styling & Layout – Inline CSS, JavaScript object, CSS Stylesheet, CSS Modules
  • React Forms – Form Input, Form Handle Submit, Select, TextArea
  • Fetch Data (REST API) – What is API, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
  • Routing – Router Setup, Adding Pages, Handling Not Found Pages, Link, Outlet
  • React Context – Context Introduction, Use Case, How to create context, How to create provider, Assigning values, Context consumer, Add to Cart Functionality, Some more Styling, Remove from Card, Add to cart Modification
  • Redux – What is Redux, Redux Setup, Adding Reducers in Store, useSelector, useDispatch, Quick Recap, Redux vs Context
  • Higher Order Component (HOC) – Problem Statement, HOC, Passing Props and Parameters


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